Robertson warns local trade unionists of tough days ahead

MORAY TRADE UNIONISTS were able to quiz local MP Angus Robertson when he made his annual visit to the Moray Trade Union Council this week.

The MP warned that there were challenging times ahead for Trade Unions and their members, highlighting the potential impact on workers in Moray as a result of welfare changes and concerns over the UK’s exit from the European Union.

Following the meeting Mr Robertson said: “It was good to meet up with members of Moray Trade Union Council and discuss a range of current issues. Brexit was high on the agenda with members having serious concerns over the impact of Brexit on worker’s rights.

“The Trade Union Council continue to do an important job of raising issues of concern and promoting worker’s rights here in Moray and much further afield.”

Eileen Morrison, who is the chair of the MTUC, said that it seem every year there are is new potential threats to workers and their rights in Moray and beyond: “It is always very useful to hear from Mr Robertson as he is at the heart of decision making in Westminster and we appreciate him taking the time to come and speak to us.”

The Moray Trades Council is a group committed to working with affiliated Trade Unions in Moray to promote worker’s rights, campaign on local issues and provide support and solidarity in Moray for activists.

They meet on the third Monday of every month at 7.15pm in the Seaforth Club in Elgin. Their next meeting is on February 20 and will be their AGM.

All trade union members, friends and supporters are welcome to attend.