Home downsizing offer for Moray Council tenants increases to over £2k

AN INCENTIVE SCHEME that encourages Moray Council Tenants to downsize to smaller homes and help meet the ongoing demand for larger properties is to be expanded.

Following a recent survey of their tenants, Moray Council will move forward with an updated voluntary scheme that offers practical and financial assistance for tenants who volunteer to move.

It is hoped that the offer will be taken up by tenants who wish to move to a more smaller and more suitable property, allowing larger homes to become available for families who require them.

Under the existing assisted moving scheme, introduced in 2013, tenants can receive a basic payment of £1500 plus £400 for each bedroom they relinquish in the move.

Following a meeting of the Council’s Communities Committee yesterday, from next month that will be extended with an additional payment of £400 to compensate for the disruption of moving and to cover any unforeseen costs.

The scheme will also be extended to include tenants or qualifying occupiers of wheelchair adapted accommodation who would become eligible in cases where the household no longer needs the specialist features of the house.

For adapted homes, all sizes will be considered and the household will not have to downsize.

Councillors have also agreed to set an annual target of 25 downsizing transfers each year with an annual budget of £72,000 having already been approved for the scheme.