Reception for Portgordon plans are far from Icy

Ice House plans receive vital community backing.

PLANS TO PROVIDE a radical change to a historical site in Moray will provide a much-needed reason for visitors to dwell longer at a coastal village.

That is the view being expressed by residents of Portgordon, where proposals are about to be put to Moray planners that the local Ice House is transformed into coffee shop.

Three years ago, similar proposals were thrown out after residents lodged their objections – however, then the development was part of a wider plan to create homes on seafront land alongside the Ice House.

One of the leaders of those who objected at the time was Pringle George – but she is now more confident in the new proposal, saying: “Some people think it is a great idea but in the wrong place, while others don’t want it at all.

“It is a real mix, which is more positive than it was the last time because most of the opposition was to do with the housing.”

The plan from landowner Gemma Campbell has already received important backing from the chair of the Lennox Community Council, Maureen Burrows. A Portgordon resident, she said: “I am hoping that we grasp the opportunity – it is not often that we have people trying to invest in our villages.

“We have a second chance at it – surely we would never get a third chance? A café on the Speyside Way would be a huge attraction in itself, there is nothing between Spey Bay and Buckie at the moment, this just seems to be in the ideal position for somebody willing to invest money.”