Two SNP candidates named to contest Keith ward

TWO MORE MORAY SNP candidates have been unveiled to contest the Keith and Cullen ward in May’s local council elections.

Deskford man Iain Grieve, a customer services advisor with Moray Council and former Royal Mail employee, will join Theresa Coull from Keith in contesting the ward.

Theresa Coull is the mother of current Moray SNP group leader Gary Coull, who is not seeking re-election. She works in the town solicitor’s office as a property manager and is heavily involved in Girl Guiding in the town and throughout Moray.

Mrs Coull said: “We need the SNP to be in charge of Moray Council. It will not be easy tidying up the mess Independent and Tory councillors have made, especially financially.

“There are various ways the Council can save money – like reducing middle management – rather than cutting our frontline services.

“The Keith and Cullen ward needs to continue to have a strong voice in the Council and to make sure we get a fair share of things like affordable housing. I believe that my real-life experiences alongside my passion for this area and my desire to help people makes me well placed to be that strong voice.

“It would be a real honour to serve the people of this area as your councillor.”

Iain Grieve said that serving on the Council would be a responsibility he does not take lightly: “I believe that many no longer feel engaged or included in the work of their local representative and that is something I will work hard to change.

“It is important to me that people are represented fairly by elected representatives who are accessible, accountable and who listen to the views of people in the local community.

“Moray Council has had a real lack of leadership from Tory and Independent Councillors for many years and are failing to take big decisions to deal with the Council’s finances. That is something I am determined needs to be changed.”