Election17: Moray Greens publish their Council manifesto

THE GREEN PARTY in Moray has issued their own local manifesto for the forthcoming council elections on May 4.

Entitled “Fair, Local, Democratic – Green”, the document sets out the priorities of Scottish Green Councillors once elected.

It also highlights the success of sitting Green Councillors across the country – while Moray Council has never had a Scottish Green Councillor before, the branch are hopeful that their positive message and unwavering focus on local issues will see that change.

Local Branch Convenor and candidate for Heldon and Laich, James MacKessack-Leitch, said: “I’m proud to be standing as a Scottish Green in this election, and I know that our positions on a range of local issues as set out in our manifesto will be well received.

“In particular I will be fighting for better long term planning and standing up to – and reversing – centralisation.

“I’m keen to see the full return of Council Tax and Non-Domestic Rates to local control and accountability. But there’s so much more our Council and Communities could do if given the chance, and I’ll keep my sights firmly on returning real power and decision-making to a local level in Heldon and Laich, and across Moray.

Fabio Villani, Scottish Greens candidate for Forres added: “We need a Council willing to invest public resources to support community-led activities, and to remove the many barriers stopping people from taking more control over their lives and over the wellbeing of their communities.

“In the Forres area alone, community groups are already successfully managing woodlands, gardens, historic buildings and cultural events, as well as services for children, young people and the elderly.

“This is exactly what the Council should be supporting, and our manifesto ensures that Green Councillors elected in May will do just that.”

The Green Manifesto for Moray can be viewed here.