Election17: United and Dedicated – Iain Grieve, Keith & Cullen

All individual candidates or political groups contesting the forthcoming local council elections in Moray are invited to state their case through the pages of our community news site – contact for submissions is editor@insidemoray.news. Here we have views of Iain Grieve, SNP candidate for Keith and Cullen.

ON MAY 4 the people of Moray will be heading to the polls to choose councillors for a new term at Moray Council.

A duty of responsibility will fall to the 26 elected members, chosen to represent Moray’s 8 council wards, to ensure the delivery of vital public services within the authority.

Those elected will make decisions on areas such as education, social care, roads, public transport, economic development, housing, leisure and waste management. These decisions will impact upon us all. The makeup of Moray’s Councils new administration is therefore important to every one of us.

[I was] Born in Edinburgh but having spent most of my days in the North East, I now live in Deskford with my partner and our three children.

I am involved in various local groups including the Area Forum and Community Association and have recently completed pre-service training with Children’s Hearings Scotland to become a panellist on the Children’s Hearings system which aims to improve the lives, outcomes and opportunities of Scotland’s most vulnerable children and young people.

Having previously worked with Royal Mail for 14 years, I presently work on the frontline of Moray Council as a customer service advisor. It is primarily this experience that has led me to put my name forward, in the hope you the voters will entrust me with the responsibility of delivering improved local government on your behalf.

I believe there is a better way and I believe that the issues which matter to you should matter to your Council, ensuring your voice should be heard. If elected, I aim to be accessible, accountable and represent the views of my community. As May 4 approaches, I encourage you to consider who you believe will represent you best, who will be your voice and take forward your concerns in the new council term.

Now, your vote may deliver a new group of independent councillors who will take on the administration of Moray Council, a local authority in dire need of direction and leadership. Independents are by their very definition, without defined leadership, without a common goal and pulling in many directions. Something that can only lead to disastrous consequences for a local authority in need of immediate, decisive action to prevent further financial woes.

Or, your vote may lead to a predominantly Tory administration, a group who by all appearances wish to contest your local elections in Moray solely on national issues. They have much to say but the rhetoric does very little to address local issues or provide a plan for delivering vital services and good governance to Moray residents.

In contrast, the SNP in Moray have put forward a united & dedicated group of men and women who are prepared to work hard for the people they will represent, by delivering leadership, ambition and fresh ideas.

The SNP candidates in Moray believe passionately in protecting local services and empowering communities. Within our manifesto, we have set out the objectives we would like to achieve across a broad range of areas, from health and wellbeing to housing and education; from business and transport to infrastructure and community empowerment. We know there are some big challenges ahead and some tough decisions to be made but our vibrant, diverse and committed candidates believe we can make a difference in the way that Moray Council delivers services.

The undertaking of becoming a councillor is one that carries responsibility and this is something I do not take lightly. I believe that many no longer feel engaged or included in the work of their local representative and this is something I would like to change by ensuring you receive Fair and impartial representation and ensuring your voice is heard and that your ideas and opinions help to shape our future.

Also contesting the Keith and Cullen ward are Rob Barsby (Independent), Theresa Coull (SNP), Donald Gatt (Scottish Conservative and Unionist) and Ron Shepherd (Independent).