Moray’s leading news site announces policy change

insideMORAY IS TODAY ANNOUNCING a change in our publishing policy that is aimed at providing a quicker and more manageable online community news service.

The policy will see the site, which in recent months has seen a readership increase to over 150,000 a month, publish news and features immediately (or as close as possible) to their arriving on our desk.

For almost four years (and with over 6000 articles published) the policy has been to operate the service as an online ‘Daily’, publishing stories at around 5am that for the most part have been prepared the day before.

Editor Stuart Crowther said: “As the site remains by and large the work of one person, it is no longer sustainable to be up in what for most of us is regarded as the middle of the night to publish our news and features – then spend much of the day monitoring our Social Media while at the same time preparing the next-days copy.

“Many readers have commented that they like our new move towards using an App for Android devices – and to that end we also have an imminent introduction of our IOS version. That is very much an ‘immediate’ outlet for our news, so it makes sense that we fall more into line with other online news services and publish as soon as possible.

“I will of course pay attention to what readers say but ask that they give time for this new system to evolve before making up their own minds on if it is an improvement or a step backwards.”

Other changes are being introduced over the next month with the site structure being revamped to better reflect the way our news is being read and commented on.

Anyone with comments/observations is welcome to contact the editor by Email.