Public still making some crime easy for thieves

ANOTHER SPATE OF ‘acquisitive’ crime throughout Moray and the North East has prompted further warning from police to take every possible precaution.

A silver Freelander vehicle was taken from a property in Elgin and subsequently discovered well ablaze in Aberdeen at 4.30am yesterday (Friday) morning.

It was one of several crimes in the north east that included two quad bikes being taken from a garage in Peterhead and a home in the Foveran area broken into overnight with the keys to a vehicle stolen.

Extensive inquiries are ongoing and anyone with information about any of the incidents described is asked to contact Police as soon as possible.
Detective Chief Inspector Kevin Walker is urging the public once again to ensure their properties and vehicles are locked and any keys to vehicles are secure at all times to not inadvertently assist thieves with crime.

He is also urging members of the public to be cautious about posting details of their valuables online.

DCI Walker said: “In some cases it is clear that those responsible for thefts are using social media and the Internet to determine what valuables and vehicles are out there, where they are being kept and how easy they might be to steal.

“I would urge you to take extra caution when posting details online about your valuables, in particular if you are advertising them for sale online, and to not post any specific details which could identity where you live.

“Social media is a great tool and can even assist in the detection of crime, however it is also an easy gateway for potential thieves to gather information about your possessions and your whereabouts.

“Again, I must also remind the public to please ensure your properties are locked and secure at all times. The theft of vehicles and other valuables causes a great deal of emotional and financial distress to victims, however we also have to take into account the associated criminal activity that comes with such illegal behaviour.

“The more success the culprits have the braver they get and the more chances they take, putting the public’s safety at risk.”

DCI Walker said that police in the region had issued repeated pleas asking the public to lock up – in the majority of case those committing crimes are trying door handles in the hope of finding one unlocked.

He added: “However, time and time again we are finding that in many cases vehicles and house doors have been left unlocked.

“Please don’t give these people a helping hand and please ensure the last thing you do before you go to bed at night is check your doors are locked. It is a simple step which could make the difference between you becoming a victim of crime or not.

“Anyone with concerns about acquisitive crime can contact Police on 101, 999 if it is an emergency, or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111 in confidence. Please also alert us to any suspicious people or behaviour as and when you see it.”