Fishing lines are cast by Tory and SNP candidates

A BATTLE LINE is being drawn between the SNP and Conservative candidates for the Moray seat in the UK General Election over the future of Scottish Fishing.

Yesterday the SNP’s Angus Robertson highlighted comments from Scottish Secretary David Mundell, in which he had said that “there is no way we would go back to Scotland or Britain controlling UK waters”.

The Moray MP also pointed to comments from PM Theresa May that Brexit negotiations “would not make EU fishermen any poorer”.

Mr Robertson said: “The Tory PM and her Secretary of State for Scotland are lining up to sell out our fishing industry in Brexit negotiations just like her predecessors did when fishermen were described as ‘expendable’ in EU entry negotiations.

“SNP MPs and MSPs have long argued for control of fisheries to return to Scotland to ensure our fishing industry has a future while the Tories are once again lining up the industry as something to bargain with.

“Both the Prime Minister and the Secretary of State have sunk the Tories efforts to hide the truth from Scotland’s fishing communities.

The SNP is the only party that will always stand up for Scotland’s fishing industry. With fishing described as a low priority in the Brexit talks, it is clear the Tories are preparing to sell out the industry again.

“Scotland’s fishing communities will always be a priority for the SNP.”

However, Tory MSP and Moray Westminster candidate Douglas Ross today hit back at the MP, calling on Angus Robertson to clarify his own and the SNP position over Europe, saying that Scottish fishermen did not wish to be a part of the EU’s common fisheries policy – but could inadvertently find themselves thrown back in the deep end in the event of an independent Scotland need to know the SNP candidates view.

Mr Ross said: “Four times last week Angus Robertson failed to answer the question about whether an independent Scotland would be a full member of the European Union, and therefore would jump straight back into the CFP.

“While Angus Robertson was saying the SNP wanted to stay in the EU, other members of the SNP signed a pledge describing Brexit as a “sea of opportunity” and promising to ensure Scotland – independent or not – would never be returned to the CFP.

“I have signed the Scottish Fisherman’s Federation pledge and people in Moray need to know if Angus will do likewise. It’s time for the SNP to come clean about the issue or admit they are hoping to reel in the electorate with their two-faced policy.”

“The SNP thinks it can promise all things to all people, but clearly they haven’t properly considered their position on the fishing industry. A large proportion of people in Moray voted for Brexit, and don’t want to be part of the CFP.

“Moray’s fishing communities can see straight through them and they won’t forgive the SNP for trying to ignore the EU referendum result. The Scottish Conservatives are clear – Brexit means being out of the CFP for good.”