SNP launch their vision for Moray’s future

THE SNP IN MORAY are promising a change of direction that would see greater cooperation with neighbouring local authorities should they form emerge as the ruling party in May’s local elections.

Launching a local manifesto over the weekend, Moray SNP insist that they have the policies that will bring a farer management system to Moray Council.

The SNP are putting up by far the greatest number of candidates in the election – 13 contesting the eight council wards.

Currently the deputy leader of the local party, Graham Leadbitter insists that his party recognises Moray as a “wonderful area with enormous potential”, saying: “It is a privilege to represent the communities of Moray and we have a fantastic group of candidates standing across the eight council wards.

“We have seven women and six men standing who come from a wide variety of backgrounds from mental health care to the oil industry. Our candidates include parents of children attending school, people with grown up families, people with a business background and people from a public service background.”

Mr Leadbitter added that the SNP are very clear on the local challenges facing Moray following “years of indecision and lack of strategy by Tory/Independent coalitions”.

He continued: “In this manifesto we have set out a different approach to these challenges. An SNP Administration in Moray Council would seek to work closely with neighbouring councils and other public bodies on a shared services agenda to deliver savings and minimise the impact of budget pressures on service delivery.

“We are committed to a review of the senior management structure of the Council, something we have repeatedly called for but which has never been taken up by the current Independents and Tories.

“In terms of our policy priorities we will work hard to improve the school estate and provide children and teachers in Moray with better environments in which to learn and teach. We will seek to maximise investment in new affordable housing in Moray and expand the number of council houses to tackle housing waiting lists.

“As a result of SNP policies there is a transformation coming in early years childcare. An SNP Administration in Moray Council would be absolutely committed to making that work across Moray.”

An area of priority for a new SNP-led Moray Council would include the investigation of council-run bus services to counter the service cuts currently being suffered in the region.

Mr Leadbitter added: “We would also take action on a range of anti-social behaviour issues from littering to dog-fouling. We would develop a clean energy policy for Moray. Our communities in Moray are at the heart of what we do and we are committed to community empowerment and supporting Moray’s third sector organisations.

“These are just some of our manifesto commitments and we believe that the SNP are best placed to deliver strong governance for Moray and tackle the issues facing Moray’s communities and Moray Council.”

Download a copy of the SNP Manifesto for Moray here.  View a complete list of candidates for each ward HERE.