Heartless con locks cancer sufferer Dione out at Sheerin concert

A LOSSIEMOUTH TEENAGER who is terminally ill with cancer has been steadily working through her ‘bucket list’ with the help of family and friends.

However, she was left devastated when she excitedly turned up for an Ed Sheeran concert at the O2 Arena – only to learn that the £600 ‘VIP’ tickets she had purchased on line were fakes.

Dione, 18, made the trip after her mother Kerry purchased the tickets via online sales site Gumtree – but it was only when she arrived at the O2 that wheelchair-bound Dione was told that her tickets were not real.

Kerry later took to social media to slam the heartless confidence tricksters who had even forged a Ticketmaster receipt to make the purchase look real. She said: “We some low-life scum will be rubbing their hands together after charging over the odds for Ed Sheeran tickets.

“Absolutely disgusting excuse for a human being, Dion is the bravest girl I know battling the worst thing ever keeping a smile on her face.”

Kerry called on everyone to spread the word on Social Media to raise awareness of scam artists who prey on those with a special wish to see their favourite musicians in concerts that are often sold out before most have a chance of purchasing tickets.

Dione was diagnosed with sarcoma after a tumour was found in her pelvis in April 2014. The former kick boxer underwent surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments.

Thankfully, there will be a happy ending thanks to Leicester firm Imperial Events, who have been in touch with Kerry. A spokesman for the company said: “One of our managers saw Mrs Yates’ post online – we are in the type of industry that can help.

“We had a few spare VIP tickets for the June concert – and we are delighted to send them to Mrs Yates.”