Robertson insists block on second referendum ‘unimaginable’

THE DEPUTY LEADER of the SNP and candidate for re-election to Westminster in Moray has said that any Tory government should not be determining the future of Scotland based on opinion polls.

Angus Robertson highlighted a point on the Conservative manifesto that insists a second independence vote in Scotland cannot happen unless there is public consent – and only then after the Brexit negotiations have been completed.

Mr Robertson said: “Are we really in a position where the Tories are saying that the people of Scotland will not be able to determine their own future because of what, an opinion poll?

“I just think it is unimaginable – if there is a UK Tory party victory across the rest of the UK but in Scotland the SNP is returned, that they can just continuously turn their backs on the democratically expressed views of the people of this country.”

Mr Robertson’s comments came against a background of accusations that his party is playing down demands for a second referendum during the Westminster campaign.

According to media reports today he concluded: “Of course there will be a referendum because the people have determined that we should have a choice about our future.”