Feature: An essential travel blog shines a bright light on Moray

HERE ON INSIDEMORAY we do often rave about how fortunate we all are to live here – the stunning beauty is an integral part of our Facebook page with its daily images taken by local and visiting snappers.

What we don’t do all that often is feature what others might be saying about our part of the world – so let’s do just that today.

This blog article was brought to our attention and quite apart from being superbly researched and written, it is a useful link to have if you are looking for a ‘stay in Scotland’ holiday.

Sure, it is aimed perhaps at an external audience but it applies every bit as much to those who live in our great nation.

The blog is the work of one Gilbert Summers, a journalist who over the years has specialised in writing about his native Scotland for such as the AA and VisitScotland. It seems to be a joint effort with his wife Johanna who between them put Scotland in a very good light – and Moray in an excellent one!

Once you have followed the link above and read what they have to say about Moray, I would urge to you bookmark them and get back there from time to time – I certainly will, it is the first such site that has moved me to say, well, it is pretty much an essential resource for anyone who likes to travel.

Although, fair enough, for most of us here in Moray we have all we need at our doorstep!