Hopeman Quine Forest is about ready to take on the Fashion world

AN ASPIRATIONAL HOPEMAN FASHION designer has taken her inspiration from the natural world for a final year project at Gray’s School of Art.

Forest Napier, 21, is studying Fashion and Textiles at Gray’s – now her work is going on show at the annual Degree Show in Aberdeen until June 24.

Forest is showcasing her women’s knitwear collection which has been inspired by nature, specifically foliage and undergrowth and the immersive qualities which they inherit. She developed her interest in art and design while still at school.

She told insideMoray: “As an aspiring fashion designer I knew that I needed to learn more skills and explore different areas within fashion. I’m glad I did as I learnt how to use knit machines and have now found my specialism in knitwear.

“I have focused on women’s knitwear influenced by the deterioration of skin. I started comparing it to leaves, stripping them of their outer coating and tissue which leaves behind a delicate, sensitive skeleton of veins. I have used transparent yarn and three-dimensional chevron patterns to symbolise layering.

“It has been a rollercoaster of emotions throughout the whole four years because you always want to push yourself further to be better. But being surrounded by such creative people has been really inspiring and motivating.”

Forest is now looking forward to the next challenge, but will look back fondly on her time at Gray’s, especially the class trips – and the canteen.

She said: “We have been on a few university trips, which have been really interesting where the tutors have organised studio exhibitions visits. Also, the canteen at Gray’s sometimes gives out free food on Fridays and I’m the first one there.

“After graduation, I intend to apply for internships and career opportunities internationally in efforts to gain more industry experience and hopefully find myself owning an industrial knitwear machine for freelance work.”

The Gray’s School of Art Degree Show, which is sponsored by BP for the fourteenth year, runs from June 17 to 24 and will showcase work by students of all disciplines. To find out more, visit www.rgu.ac.uk/degreeshow