Schools strike threat as union seeks better pay deal

Larry Flannigan – EIS

SCHOOLS IN MORAY could be facing strike action as the main teacher’s union warn they will not back away from their claims for a fair pay deal.

The EIS say that they will now campaign for a greater pay deal after their members demanded action be taken – and if any offer does not match up to their expectations, they will vote on strike action during the next academic year.

Union general secretary Larry Flannagan said: “After more than a decade of declining pay, real-terms pay cuts and pay freezes, the mood of teachers is now hardening.

“Soaring workloads combined with recruitment challenges facing the profession highlight the need for salary levels to be addressed.”

The threat of strike action was compounded at the Union’s AGM in Perth where members backed claims for higher pay, salaries convener Helen Conner saying: “We will be out on industrial action if we do not get action on pay.”

A Scottish Government spokesman said: “Teachers’ pay and conditions are matters for the Scottish Negotiating Committee for Teachers. Negotiations are ongoing and the Scottish Government will play their part in that process.”