Buckie Buddies aims to take a new approach to show they care

A NEW BUCKIE-BASED business has said their aim is to shake up home care for everyone who requires it – through an entirely new method of providing home support.

‘Buckie Buddies’ insists that currently the most vulnerable people in our society are being let down because of a gap in the care being provided to the most vulnerable.

Behind the business is Nicole Barret, who has worked in care for almost 10 years in all sectors, from children to elderly people. She has had personal experience from both sides of care – and decided it was time to make a change.

“Everyone deserves to be able to stay in their own home but this can lead to isolation and loneliness when there is no companionship and support to lead an active and sociable life,” Nicole said, adding: “Families are stretched and stressed with the pressures of caring, or getting the care needed, for their loved ones.

“My Gran had ‘at home carers’ for some time before she passed away. They were lovely people and did a fantastic job but you could see they were trying to provide care and compassion while fighting against time limits and had a huge number of clients with varying needs.

“They got a certain amount of time and had to get all the jobs done to cover the basics – medication, food and dressing. This seemed to leave no time for them to have a meaningful chat and social interaction with my Gran, which is ultimately what she craved the most.

“She was lucky as she had many family members who were able to visit on a regular basis but some aren’t so lucky. Loneliness and isolation can have a huge effect in both mental and physical health – and yet, councils don’t have the budget or staff to try to fight this in the communities.

“Even if they do, it’s through assessments and criteria which mean some are denied help when they don’t met requirements. That’s when I decided something had to be done.”

Following discussions with family and friends as well as members of the public who have relatives or family members with disabilities and in receipt or in need of home care provisions, she realised that something needed to change to make services more accessible to the public – ‘Buckie Buddies’ was formed as a result.

Nicole said: “Buckie Buddies is different from council run programmes. It’s open to all who need it and not nearly as costly as paying for a private firm.

“Bucky Buddies can provide the time and care needed to help individuals lead their life more independently and with confidence.

“These services are varied to meet everyone’s needs – from companionship to cleaning and errands. They can give the peace of mind that someone cares and will go above and beyond to ensure individuals have the opportunity to continue living in the comfort of their own home.

“With Buckie Buddies care packages, the individual, their close relatives and loved ones are heavily involved in tailoring a plan that suits their needs and budgets. There are no assessments or age limitations and no referrals needed. Anyone is welcome to enquire.”

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