NHS Grampian move to prescribe game-changing drug

A DECISION BY NHS GRAMPIAN to make available a medicine that should help those suffering from the painful skin condition ‘Psoriasis’ has been warmly welcomed.

Moray MP Douglas Ross has said that he had approached the health board on the issue after a constituent asked for his help – now the new medicine Taltz, which has been available in other parts of the UK, will be made available throughout the north east.

Mr Ross said: “My constituent, Chrisina Dougall, asked me for help as they were in such pain that they were struggling to go about their day to day business.

“I asked about the new medication Taltz, which had been approved for use in the UK but was not available here. This is a drug that sufferers believe could make a huge difference to their daily lives.”

The MP said he was delighted when the Chief Executive of NHS Grampian, Malcolm Wright, confirmed the medication would be made available to all patients.

Taltz – had not been available to Moray patients until now.

He added: “I welcome this move by NHS Grampian and I hope that homecare arrangements will soon be put in place for patients to get this medication on prescription. My understanding is they will initially have to travel to Aberdeen for training and supervised injection to receive it.”

Christina, who is from Lintmill, said she was delighted that the new medication was finally to be available, adding that local dermatologists had been pressing for it to be available for some time.

She said: “I wrote to Douglas about Taltz because I was in so much pain and was struggling just to be able to get myself out to work every day, but since he has taken up my case it seems to have helped and the NHS have now decided to make Taltz available.

“I am delighted. I got a phone call from Aberdeen Royal Infirmary to ask me to go in and I have started the treatment. Although there is no home delivery service yet, I am hopeful that this will soon be available but I was delighted to go to Aberdeen to get it meantime.”