Police praise – and renewed warning to be on best event behaviour

POLICE HAVE POSTED their thanks to the ‘vast majority’ of the public who managed to enjoy the summer shows so far held in communities around the north east.

Events including the Keith Show passed without major incident last weekend – but the local area commander, Chief Inspector Murray Main, is reminding people they must again be on their best behaviour this weekend – including in Moray at the Lossiemouth Raft Race.

Chief Inspector Main said: “Officers work alongside organisers and others for months in advance to ensure these shows, games and events and associated dances are as safe and as enjoyable as possible for those attending or working at them.

“Organisers and communities alike can be rightly proud of the traditions which go with these fantastic events and I’m pleased to confirm incidents at last weekend’s events were kept to a minimum.

“However, as we’ve already seen this year, it only takes a small number of individuals making poor decisions to spoil the event for others.

“This weekend we have additional patrols on which will be attending some of the events which include the Tarland Show, the Aberchirder Flower Show, the Lossiemouth Raft Race and Gala and the Banchory Beer Festival.

“We will also have our weekend policing arrangements in the heart of our cities, towns and villages.

“It’s entirely appropriate for those attending these events to thoroughly enjoy themselves but we will be working hard to prevent and if necessary, robustly deal with any unacceptable behaviour.

“Know your alcohol limits, drinking alcohol to excess will make you more vulnerable to theft, assault and risk taking behaviour. Drink plenty of water and stay with friends, never leave a drink unattended and don’t mix alcohol with illegal substances.

“Your actions are your responsibility.”