Feelgood Festival gears up for October with event programme published

PROGRAMME BROCHURES ARE being distributed around Moray for the 2017 Moray Feelgood Festival and its series of arts events throughout the region.

Running from October 7 until October 28, the festival is Moray’s contribution to the Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival which has taken place throughout Scotland in each of the last ten years.

The events connect audiences of all ages and backgrounds to themes that challenge stigma, increase awareness and improve wellbeing. World Mental Health Day on October 10 connects with the heart of the Feelgood Festival which will follow the ‘Reclaim’ theme adopted around the country.

A spokeswoman said: “This is a festival for ALL! We all have mental health, in the same way that we all have physical health. However, whilst most people would happily discuss their broken leg, talking of depression and other mental health conditions is almost taboo.

“In the same way we try to look after our physical health, we should also be doing things which promote good mental health too – and involvement in the arts is a proven way to do this.

“The hope is that people across Moray will attend some of the 65 events offered and maybe connect to a new interest or group which they might continue with throughout the year, giving enjoyment and promoting wellbeing.

“A key way to connect people to the concept of mental health, both positive and in crisis, is through the use of the arts.”

This year ‘Moray Wellbeing Hub’ – a social enterprise run by and for those with experience of challenge in their mental health – takes over coordinating the festival for 2017.

The ‘Moray Wellbeing Hub’ has been supported by the ‘Scottish Recovery Network’ and ‘Health and Social Care Moray’. However, the festival has only had minimal funding this year and owes a massive debt of thanks to all the participating artists, photographers, musicians, dancers, film makers, and the venues, which have made this largely free festival possible.

Find out more about the Festival by visiting the online information centre where tickets for the many individual events can be booked.