Former Moray care workers facing SSSC disciplinary charges

THE SCOTTISH SOCIAL SERVICES COUNCIL will meet next week to consider the future of two former care workers in Moray.

The cases of Catherine Wells and Robert Farmer will be heard in relation to charges laid while they were employed at the Spynie Care Home in Elgin.

Both were suspended at the time of the incidents and subsequently left the care home – however, their abilities to work anywhere else will be settled when their hearings start on October 3.

Mrs Wells is facing accusations that she placed a care home resident at risk to harm by falling asleep while she was on duty between February 9 and 10 last year, while a second charge accuses her of falling asleep on other occasions.

Meanwhile Mr Farmer faces a charge of threatening to withhold food from a care home resident on February 13 last year. He is also accused of removing a dessert from a resident and shouting at her, and failing to follow the personal care plan of a resident by showering her himself on February 14 last year – a task that should be carried out by two carers.

Further charges faced by Mr Farmer relate to his failure to fill out a procedural incident report and accusations that he was arguing and shouting with a residents and members of their family, raising his voice with an ‘inappropriate tone’ – all, again, in February last year.