Landlord Report for Moray could help 8000 tenants’ understanding

THE SCOTTISH HOUSING REGULATOR has published its annual Landlord Report – which can now be accessed by the 8000 households in Moray.

The independent body’s report shows tenants how their landlord has performed against the Scottish Social Housing Charter in areas that tenants said to the regulator matter most to them.

Currently available online, the report discusses homes and rents, quality and maintenance of homes, neighbourhoods, tenant satisfaction and value for money.

The landlord reports are designed to help tenants hold their landlords to account – the Regulator published a landlord report for each of the nation’s social landlords, comprising around 161 registered social landlords and 32 local authorities.

The Regulator’s unique and award-winning interactive on-line comparison tool helps empower thousands of tenants across the country. This year, tenants can compare how their landlord has done over the first four years of the Charter. Tenants can review performance against a national average and against other landlords.

Alongside its individual landlord reports, the Regulator has also published a Charter headlines report on the performance picture nationally. It shows that most social landlords across Scotland are performing well against the Scottish Social Housing Charter.

Performance improved or is being maintained across almost all of the Charter standards. Overall tenant satisfaction remains high with nine out of ten tenants satisfied with their landlord’s performance.

George Walker, the Chair of the Scottish Housing Regulator, said: “Overall, Scotland’s social landlords are continuing to perform well. They’ve improved or maintained performance against almost all of the Social Housing Charter standards. This is good news for tenants, particularly given last year’s strong performance from landlords.

“On the whole, most tenants are satisfied with their landlord’s performance. Performance varies underneath the national picture and some landlords have more work to do than others to improve.

“Our landlord reports give thousands of tenants across Scotland information about their landlord’s performance. Our on-line comparison tool lets tenants compare their landlord’s performance against others.

“Tenants have told us that our reports are a useful and simple way to find out about how their landlord is doing when it comes to the things that matter most. I hope our information helps tenants to engage with their landlords and work together to keep improving the important services they provide.”