Moray urged to glow gold with pride in support of Cancer victims

MORAY MSP RICHARD LOCHHEAD has been meeting with the parents and grandparents of children with cancer – some of whom have already lost their child.

Mr Lochhead met the family members at the Scottish Parliament as they sought to raise awareness during the ‘Glow Gold’ September campaign (#goldtastic).

The campaign aims to have the colour gold linked with childhood cancer awareness – and is campaigning to ensure the early signs of childhood cancer are recognised on a par with condition like meningitis.

Buildings throughout Scotland, including Victoria Quay, Stonehaven War Memorial and Glasgow Queen Elizabeth Hospital, are just a few iconic institutions who are lending their support to the campaign by lighting the skies gold this September.

Mr Lochhead joined fellow parliamentarians in Holyrood to encourage people across Scotland to get involved and help support Glow Gold September’s efforts, helping to ensure that parents and GP’s are aware of the signs of childhood cancer through a national awareness campaign.

The MSP said: “Cancer is the number one cause of non-accidental death in children, yet it is too often misdiagnosed, resulting in a poor prognosis for many children.

“The Glow Gold September campaign is a fantastic opportunity to join together to raise awareness of this devastating disease during the month of September and I am delighted to support the cause.

“I would ask that local schools and children’s groups support this worthy cause by considering hosting a ‘Glow Gold for a Day’ event where everyone can get involved and help promote this potentially lifesaving campaign.”

Pam Neilson, spokesperson for Glow Gold September said: “Our aim at Glow Gold September has been to ensure the colour gold becomes synonymous with childhood cancer – and especially highlighted during our Childhood Cancer awareness month in September.

“We hope to promote the early warning signs and symptoms of cancer in children through the ‘Be child cancer aware’ and ‘Headsmart’ awareness cards. It would be #goldtastic if everyone can take a moment to help.”