New doggy coat helps solve the age-old canine issue – wet dog

THE MORAY CREATOR of the ‘onesie for dogs’ that generated worldwide acclaim has developed another new project that she believes dog owners will love – a canine drying suit.

Aileen Toynton hit the headlines around the world after setting up an Elgin-based business that designs and produces unique coats for dogs – but she admits it was all almost accidental.

Her ‘K9 CleanCoat’ became a massive hit with dog lovers, attracting orders from as far afield as New Zealand and Canada – as well as massive praise for filling a void in the ever-growing pet market.

Her journey started when she was unable to find a garment for her American Cocker Spaniel, Toto, that kept her pet warm, dry and clean. The former Court Shorthand Writer had never previously touched a sewing machine – but out of despair at having to bath and dry a cold wet Toto every day, she learned how to sew.

She said: “The response to the original K9 CleanCoat onesies has been unbelievable – and yet it all happened by accident, the result of creating something for Toto. I was fed up of the daily bath routine after his walks so I bought various canine creations from all over the world, regardless of the cost.

“But it was never the correct length on his back, or was half way up his legs and it didn’t cover his full tummy, so he still needed washing. I hated leaving him damp and shivering in his bed.

“Driven by sheer desperation, I finally bought a second-hand sewing machine and enrolled in an evening class to learn how to use it. After a few attempts with Toto acting as my mannequin, I came up with the K9 CleanCoat. Before I knew it, I was getting orders from all over the world.”

Now Aileen has produced a new product that answers one of the age-old problem recognised by every dog owner – a towelling full-drying suit that has been designed to speed up the process of drying your wet dog and prevent it from catching a chill!

“I’m thrilled to now be launching the K9 CleanCoat Bath, which is intended for use on wet dogs after walks, visits to the Hydrotherapy Pool or even after dogs have been pampered at home in the bath,” Aileen explained.

She continued: “I started designing these suits after I failed to find anything that fitted my own dog well. Much of the pet wear currently on the market comes in from Asia, and is not made by dog-people.”

While the original K9 CleanCoat ensured dogs remained clean, warm and dry, saving hours of work for their owners, five years on the K9 CleanCoat Bath takes things to a new level. The made-to-measure microfibre towelling drying suit can be worn after walks or baths – ensuring the utmost comfort and speedier drying for your dog.

Aileen said: “It’s ideal for those who are happy for their dogs to run free and get wet and dirty, but then want to make sure they are comfortable afterwards.

“They are perfect for hairy dogs as all their leg, tummy, chest and ear feathering is inside the towelling drying suit – and it’s also ideal for ensuring the car stays nice and clean and prevents dirty water from spraying everywhere after those inevitable shakes.

“The best thing about both of the K9 CleanCoat products is that they are made-to-measure. No two dogs are the same shape or size, so by investing in one of these bodysuits you are guaranteeing a great fit, which will give your dog the freedom to move about, but also stay warm at the same time.”

For more information on Aileen’s unique range of designs visit her online.