Spate of thefts with one thing in common – unsecured property

NORTH EAST POLICE have issued a division-wide warning to the public after several opportunist thefts that were preventable with a little care.

Inspector Ian McKinnon is asking people to take as the thefts were completed without the culprit having to break into a home or car – as they had been left insecure.

Insp McKinnon noted: “These offences were spread out across the Division and are not linked in any way other than the fact they may have been preventable.

“We are always sympathetic to people who have had property stolen. Thefts can range from simply being inconvenient when a pushbike, car or wallet is stolen to being heartbreaking if it is something precious or irreplaceable.

“We always do our utmost to catch those responsible, but from experience, we know that it makes it 100 times worse for the owner when they suddenly realise the culprit did this without having to break in to their house or car, having simply walked through or entered an unlocked door.

“We just want to try and prevent this happening. Our advice is to lock your house, whether you are inside or not. Always lock your car, and don’t leave items on open display. Keep property with you when visiting gyms or similar, or utilise locker facilities provided.

“Finally, always secure your pushbike with a good quality lock, regardless of how long you will be away from it for. I can assure you that it can be that simple to lock out crime and protect your property.”

The Police Scotland website has lots of tips and information for making your property more secure. You can also contact your local Community Policing Team from their for advice.