Moray entertainers challenged to follow in Amy’s steps

RENOWNED FOR PRODUCING talented people in the field of performing arts, Moray is now being targeted by one of Europe’s most renowned entertainment agencies.

Ted (The Entertainment Department) have announced auditions for Scottish singers and dancers at The MGA Academy of Performing Arts in Edinburgh next week, on November 21-22, with the opportunity on offer to perform at Tui’s Sensatori and Holiday Village destinations next year.

The company’s global search for talent stops off in Scotland’s capital before further auditions in Berlin and Barcelona. Successful audition candidates will be given the opportunity to perform at Tui resorts throughout the 2018 holiday season, rehearsing from January to March and working at the luxury destinations from April to October.

Amy Johnston from Buckie worked at an Ibiza resort last year after impressing at Ted auditions at The MGA Academy – and thinks next week’s auditions present a great opportunity to north-east performers.

The 27-year-old former Buckie High School performer, a graduate of The MGA Academy, said: “As a first job the experience taught me so much and it was great for building confidence on and off stage.

“The MGA Academy prepares you so well for stage work of all kinds, but you can only add to your repertoire once you begin working in the industry. I was a little bit scared going into my auditions with Ted, but they present it in a way so that you feel comfortable.”

Amy, who will move to London next year to embark on the next step of her stage career, added: “My best advice to anyone going to auditions is to just be yourself, which is not always easy to do, and to show a variety of skills and abilities to the panel.

“You should also be happy and smiley because, especially with an agency like Ted, a good personality can go a long way and means you are more likely to get the job.”

Adele Leatham, Ted’s Sensatori account manager, added: “Sensatori is a luxury resort providing cruise ship-style entertainment of the standard you’d expect from London’s West End. Tui has resorts all over the world, across Europe and in the Carribean, all on the beach and all stunning.

“We are looking for performers who have trained in musical theatre, dance, or singing, including anyone with specialist skills such as acrobatics, hand-balancing or breakdancing.

“They may join us as performers excelling in one particular area but they are given the opportunity to star in shows across many genres, including musical theatre, rock, and opera.

“We always get a lot of talent from Scotland and, on many of our shows, we have had casts made up of talent almost exclusively from Scotland. Normally, you come from Scotland to London to gain work, but now that is starting to change thanks to the quality of training offered by the likes of The MGA Academy in Edinburgh.”

Murray Grant, Creative Director of The MGA Academy, said: “We are delighted to welcome Ted’s team to The MGA Academy to give some of Scotland’s best stage talent the opportunity to perform at Tui’s resorts across the world.

“Having seen recent MGA Academy graduates go on to enjoy great success in the performing arts industry across the world, I’m delighted that the high standard of talent that exists in this country is being recognised by an increasing number of international casting agents who come to recruit here.”