S.N.O.W. rules for Moray motorists being urged by MSP

ROAD SAFETY CAMPAIGNING MSP David Stewart is reminding motorists that with the first snows now having arrived in Moray they need to follow the SNOW rules.

The Labour MSP has launched a social media campaign relating to winter motoring, and is using the S.N.O.W. rules to remind drivers to Scrape ice and snow from all vehicles windows, Never drink and drive or take drugs and drive, Obey all road signs and road traffic laws and regulations and When in doubt about driving, don’t.

Mr Stewart said: “My message is simple really – at this time of year, only drive if you have to and always make sure you clear snow and ice from your vehicle windows.

“You can be given a fixed penalty if you don’t – or even charged with careless driving. Never even consider driving if you have taken drink or drugs, obey road signs and traffic laws and if you are at all unsure about driving, don’t.”

“All I am trying to do is put a simple ‘mnemonic’ out there for people to remember or relate to. I thought that a four letter seasonal word related to this time of year would jog the memory of drivers, hence SNOW.”