Letter to parents appeals for patience – and recruitment help

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PARENTS OF CHILDREN attending Moray’s schools are being urged to help with the recruitment of new teachers.

Moray’s head of Schools and Curriculum Development has written to all parents and carers in the region seeking their help in identifying suitable candidates for vacant primary school teaching posts.

In her appeal, Vivienne Cross acknowledges the work of Headteachers in their efforts to fill teaching gaps, saying: “Headteachers are working tirelessly to ensure that a full service provision is available, however the situation has become so grave that a number of schools are at the point where they have to consider partial closure – eg a year group or class may be asked not to attend on a specific day(s) .

“All schools have a preferred method of communicating urgent information with parents and you will be reminded of your child’s/children’s individual school procedures.”

Ms Cross said that Moray was working hard at collectively promoting Moray as a place to work and live through Social Media.

It added: “If you know of any primary teachers who would be willing to come and work in Moray or be added to our supply list, please contact Educationandsocialcare@moray.gov.uk or call 01343 563374.

“I thank you for your forbearance at this understandably challenging time and particularly through the winter months when flu viruses and sickness bugs appear to be more prevalent.”