Ignoring school parking restrictions should be ‘stigmatised’

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Councillor Paula Coy

PARENTS WHO IGNORE double yellow lines outside schools should feel stigmatised almost to the extent of those who choose to drink and drive.

That was the suggestion made at a Council committee where Councillor Paula Coy spoke passionately about the dangers of such parking at the school in Elgin attended by her daughter.

Police recently carried out an ‘education’ operation at the New Elgin Primary School, seeking to highlight the dangers of anti-social parking in the area. It was at a meeting of the police, fire and rescue committee in the Council that Councillor Coy said it was “one of her pet peeves”.

She said: “I personally would like to see parking on double yellow lines outside schools become almost as much a stigma as drink driving.

“I believe it is dangerous for the very children that these people are picking up – this should be seen as really anti-social so that people give those responsible those stinking looks.”

However, at the meeting Chief Superintendent Campbell Thomson stressed that his officers “are not traffic wardens” and were unable to prioritise such activities.

He said: “Our priorities are wide-ranging as police officers – and I have to be honest in saying that we are not traffic wardens. But, if reports of dangerous parking are received, then they will be picked up and acted upon.”