‘Very Good’ report for Glenlivet Primary

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Chair of Moray Council’s Children & Young People’s Services Committee, Cllr Sonya Warren

Glenlivet Primary School has received a very positive report from education inspectors.

The primary school, which has 16 pupils, was visited last month by Education Scotland, who spoke with parents, carers and pupils, and worked with staff to identify strengths and improvements.

The school received four ‘very good’ evaluations across four quality indicators: leadership of change; learning, teaching and assessment; raising attainment and achievement; and ensuring wellbeing, equality and inclusion.

Inspectors singled out the “clear leadership and strong direction of the headteacher”, who is supported by a “very effective staff team”, as a strength, as well as the “very strong sense of community, which is underpinned by shared values and high expectations”.

It was noted that the schools has “confident, highly motivated and engaged children, who are very proud of their school and keen to learn”.

The school has been asked to revisit the curriculum rationale, making sure it reflects the school’s approach to maximising the learning opportunities its unique context offers pupils, and inspectors said they were confident that the school could achieve this, therefore no follow-up visits are necessary.

Chair of Moray Council’s Children & Young People’s Services Committee, Cllr Sonya Warren, thanked all within Glenlivet’s school community for their dedication to providing the best learning experience for its primary pupils.

“I’m particularly pleased to see the partnership working is contributing to raising attainment and achievement, and giving the pupils a real sense of the community spirit in the area – and the important part they play in it.”

Moray’s MSP Richard Lochhead has also praised the staff at Glenlivet after the report rated all aspects of the school’s performance as ‘very good’.

Commenting, Mr Lochhead said: “The staff at Glenlivet Primary deserve huge credit for this very positive inspection report.

“There’s clearly a lot of good work being done by the teachers and staff to ensure the kids have a positive learning environment, which seems to be delivering results in terms of raising attainment and achievement.

“Pupils at Glenlivet are confident, motivated and clearly very keen to learn, which is what every parent wants for their child, and I’ve no doubt that the strong sense of community within the school is a key contributing factor.

“The whole community will be very proud of what’s being achieved at Glenlivet Primary.”

Highlands and Islands’ MSP Jamie Halcro Johnston, has also congratulated all those involved, saying: “The teaching staff, the children and their families, and the wider community which the school serves, should take great pride and pleasure in their success.

“The results of the inspection clearly demonstrate that our smaller primary schools are more than capable of achieving the highest results.

“I know that the community greatly values their school and I wish it a secure and equally successful future teaching the next generation of primary school children.”