Career Ready for the world of work

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Pollyanna immersed in the world of work at tsiMORAY

We call it the ‘world of work’ but for many young people the working world can seem more like a far-away, alien planet than an achievable reality.  Our working lives are changing – fast – and this means young people now need enhanced skills and flexibility in order to be able to adapt and flourish.

Career Ready – a national programme – is helping young people to navigate this new world of work, by brokering and supporting paid internships for young people in real-life employment situations. The success of the national programme is now gaining real momentum in Moray.

For the past four weeks, employers from across Moray have hosted young interns, usually fourth year High School students, giving them the hands-on experience of what working is all about, allowing young people to see what employers are needing, and also learning themselves about young people and their expectations.

“Before Career Ready I said I never wanted to work in an office … I just couldn’t see myself working in that environment, but after the internship, I realise it’s not the office but what’s done in the office that’s important”, says Pollyanna Allsop, tsiMORAY’s Career Ready intern.

Pollyanna was employed as a project assistant by tsiMORAY, working on community projects as well as supporting volunteer services.

The internship ends with all young people giving a presentation to the employer. “This is where we can see the difference the internship makes”, says Jackie Maclaren, part of the Leadership Team at tsiMORAY. “When we get to see a young person grow in confidence and have a clearer direction of what they want to do. It really does kick start in just four weeks.”

‘Explore’, one of the slides from Pollyanna’s presentation

Pollyanna used her photography skill to showcase her experience and her understanding of community development. “That’s not an easy thing to do, but it shows you how creativity and communication is so important for young people to possess as they move into a working environment”, says Sue Davies, who will continue to be Pollyanna’s mentor for the year ahead.

If you think someone in your business or organisation could mentor a young person grow into the world of work, please contact Susan Macpherson Career Ready Regional Manager at

To share information about your experience of Career Ready, as an employer or as a young person, please contact