Fallen trees from storms turned into children’s play zone at Cullen

Cullen Primary pupils are enjoying a new wooden obstacle course made from trees which fell during Storms Arwen, Malik and Corrie.

The school has been supported by Seafield Estate to enhance its infant playground, using trees which fell victim to the severe storms in November 2021 and January 2022.

Work was completed over two phases: firstly the log walk and stepping stones, then logs to enclose the fixed play equipment.

The workers involved in creating the new playground structure visited the school for a cuppa and cake, and to watch the pupils enjoy using the new equipment.

Property Director from Seafield Estate, David Greer, said: “As a result of Storm Arwen, and then Malik and Corrie, the Estate lost a considerable number of trees. We were very pleased to be able to work with the school to make good use of some of the timber we had to recover from roads and tracks, to use as natural play equipment.

“Darrell, Keith and Bob, who collected and arranged the logs, rose to the challenge of trying to create something that would encourage active play and it was wonderful to see the children doing just that when the school invited us back to see it being used. The children clearly enjoy playing on the new structures and the timber is robust enough to last many years.”

Head teacher, Carene Hay, said: “We are delighted with the playground enhancement.  It started as a simple enquiry about the possibility of a few logs which has resulted in a beautiful and safe area for the children to climb, balance and play. 

“The staff from Seafield Estate were so approachable, friendly and helpful and created a little bench in addition to the log area, for the children as a wee surprise. The children love their new area!

“Thank you from all the infant staff and children.”