Fishermen call on public to pressurise election candidates

THE UK FISHING INDUSTRY is challenging general election candidates in coastal communities to pledge their support for restoring control of UK waters.

The call is coming from the Scottish Fishermen’s Federation, who are now asking voters in communities such as Moray to press election candidates to sign a pledge of support to do all they can to ensure restoration of control over UK waters.

Bertie Armstrong, chief executive of the SFF, said: “Many candidates have already signed and we are pleased with progress, but it is important particularly in the coastal communities that we secure cross-party political support for our aims.”

Fishermen’s leaders insist that exiting the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) is the only way of ending the farcical situation under which the country is forced to give away almost two-thirds of the fish from some of the richest fishing grounds in the world.

Candidates in all 650 parliamentary constituencies have been invited to sign the pledge prior to the election on June 8th.

Mr Armstrong added: “The whole industry, from those who go to sea through the processors to the hauliers, is united behind one simple aim – our coming out of the EU and the CFP.

“Brexit offers us a huge opportunity to re-assert control of our waters and to establish once and for all a sensible, practicable new fisheries management regime.

“We as an industry have repeatedly stated that we will work with the UK and Scottish governments to achieve this, and we hope that candidates will support the prospect of jobs and security for our beleaguered coastal communities by signing this pledge.”