Ross attacks Green decision not to run for Westminster seat

THE DECISION BY Moray Greens not to run a candidate in June’s election has been severely criticised by one of the candidates.

Douglas Ross says that most people will see the decision as a cynical tactic to boost the pro-independent agenda in Moray – and boost the chances of the SNP’s Angus Robertson to see off the Conservative challenge.

Earlier today Greens convener James MacKessack-Leitch said that “immature behaviour” that had no relevance to Moray was the reason he would not be standing this time.

However, Mr Ross expressed his belief that the decision was a tactical one to maximise the pro-independence support on June 8.

He said: “This decision by the Moray Greens smacks of desperation – they will do anything to prop up the SNP and hang on their shirt tails.

“People will find it hard to believe them when they say they won’t be backing any particular candidate, when it comes down to it they will be backing the SNP all the way as we see time and again in Parliament.

“While the local greens have tried to justify why they are not stranding, this announcement comes just two weeks after the SNP’s Tommy Shepherd asked them not to stand and split the pro-yes vote.

“If you don’t want another independence referendum, this is your only chance to make that clear. Only a vote for the Scottish Conservatives on June 8th can send a clear message to the SNP in Moray.

“Here in Moray, we are running a positive campaign and people know what we stand for, rather than running in support of another negative and divisive independence referendum.”

Currently there are three candidates contesting the Moray seat – Douglas Ross (Conservative), Angus Robertson (SNP) and Jo Kirby (Labour).